Graphic Design Company

Graphic Design Company.

Looking for an awesome Graphic Design Company

Need to work with a highly skilled Graphic Designer?

Want to work with a one of a kind Freelance designer?

Contact Guy Tasker, creator of Advanced Graphic Design company. was started around 2005 after completing my studies at Vaal University of Technology, I set out to find work and start my own online Graphic Design company. Based online only, I managed to get various jobs and things just started to snow ball.

It’s been a tough road to get where i am now, but all the hard work, all the hours and all hands on learning has paid off.

I run this Graphic design company all by myself and appreciate any work i can get.

Each job i get is treated with all the respect and all my attention. I do not take on too much work and overload myself and by doing this , you get the best out of me. Because of this, i do not cut my prices just to get work, I charge a decent price for my graphic design services and you get for what you pay for. High Quality Graphic design.

Graphic design - label design
Graphic design by Guy Tasker, Label design Project
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Dogs of War T-shirt Design by Guy Tasker 2014
Extreme racing tshirt design
T-shirt Design setup for print


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